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Hey guys! I am so sorry that I've not posted in weeks!!! No excuse, but it won't happen again. I have some wonderful reviews coming and to start off the whole review blog posting thing, I am going to start with Bones Coffee Company! This was not sent to me by the company, but actually my sister. Bones Coffee Company has quite the following on Instagram. My sister had actually told me about their coffee and I am not a fan of flavored coffee. I'll just say that now, but I did find their flavors to be intriguing. They have a coffee sampler that you can order in which you select five flavors of coffee for $29.99. I think that's pretty cool. I mean, tis' the season where we are wanting to get cozy with our hot beverages after a hot af Summer (if you're in Georgia like I am or somewhere in the South!) and how alluring are flavors like "S'morey Time" and "Bananas Foster" and also "French Toast!"  Seriously? That one sounds amazing! They also have regular coffee too, so if flavored coffee ain't your cuppa..... Joe? (hehehehehe) you can get your liquid energy with their medium or dark roast. Their website is also super fun for the Halloween enthusiast. The coffee comes in a black matte-metallic-ish bag with a different skeleton illustrations per flavor. Super fun! I mean, they are called "Bones" for a reason. But enough of that, let's get into the review!

Ok, So My sister ordered the sample pack. Her wild card flavor was the Peanut Butter & Jelly, but upon tasting it, decided that it wasn't her thing, so she sent it to me. I didn't intend to write a review, but what the hey! I love trying new things, even if it's a gift or purchased myself..... however, I love a freebee from a company! Just sayin' but that doesn't mean I'll write a glowing review. I keep my reviews honest! So that said......... Oh, and I am drinking the coffee black. No sugar or cream (duh, I'm a vegan) but just so you know how I'm drinking my brew.


The PBJ has a strong scent of grape upon opening the bag and not much of a peanut butter scent. It smells great though! I brewed half a French press worth and wow, the smell was incredible, mind you, you’d need to like grape from the get go, if not, this won’t be your cuppa. Pouring the boiling water into the press released more of that grape fragrance, which I love! The house filled with a candy scent! Almost like a grape blow-pop. I let it steep for a few minutes and poured it into my cup and let it cool slightly and took my first sip. My first initial thought was how smooth the coffee is. Silky and very clean. No bitterness whatsoever and this is why I loathe flavored coffee. Typically whatever “flavor” that they use in flavored coffee has a weird bitter chemical/body spray kind of thing going on. This did not! So I was very pleasantly surprised! The flavor is actually more subtle than what it smells like. You can definitely taste that it is coffee, because it is coffee, but you get this grape blow-pop essence that is quite pleasant if you like things like that of course. I would definitely drink this again and that is saying a lot! Most days around 4 o’clock I make myself a cup of coffee for that little pick-me-up with some kind of snack, so this would definitely be something that I would enjoy for that specific mid-day purpose. I prefer to start my morning with a dark roast though. This flavor won’t be everyone’s favorite, and a con to this  flavor is that there is no detection of peanut butter, sadly. The name is a bit thumbs down. Perhaps "Grape Lollipop" would be more suiting, But it’s certainly a fun flavor regardless.

All in all I was delighted with this coffee even lacking that peanut butter flavor and now I want to try other flavors for my mid-day coffee sessions! I plan to order their sampler for sure! 

Bones Coffee Company make fun coffee flavors with a cool novelty aspect. I can see why it's so freakin' popular. Bones Coffee! Check them out at

Leslie Dallion