how it all started

Hey guys! I've just been sitting here for a while updating the website and trying to drink this cup of coffee that my husband made me at 8 a.m. this morning. It's actually still good, except it has that whole French press sludge at the bottom. Heh! So yeah, I'm feeling really productive and good about finally getting my portfolio up. A lot of it anyway and also adding some of my miniatures to the bakery. Part of me really wants to get rid of donuts and things like that and keep it pâtisserie oriented. I'll probably do that once I get more things made. I think because I have this deep love for pastries and also it's quite challenging to make that stuff with clay. The hard part is the texture and also getting the shading right. I've made the donuts and cupcakes for years and can do those in my sleep, but I love a challenge and the pastries are a wonderful supply of the frustration and the feeling of accomplishment. When you finally get it right. I love that. That was the driving force that was Pancake Meow.

The story about Pancake Meow and it's ending was that I was burned out. After being featured on Daily Candy, it was literal overnight success. Orders beyond my wildest imagination, but I am one person in a tiny apartment kitchen! I had to close the shop and get those orders filled. It took me NINE MONTHS! Customers were so cool and understanding though. I literally only had a handful of people who I had to refund, but that's all I did. Day in and day out for nine months. I finished the last order on my birthday. Ironically.

I never ever set out to be a miniature food artist or any kind of artist. I kind of cringe even saying "artist" because I don't feel that I am one. I am more of a crafter or someone that can just learn things that I put my mind to, like most people. You know, when you want to do something and you just work at it and eventually you get good at it. I never set out to make miniature food. The story is that I was under the weather and a friend of mine came over and brought some clay for us to play with. We sat there in my living room sipping tea making clay carrots and ice-cream cones. I loved it! I had worked with clay before, but I only made beads and things like that. This was a whole new world and I became obsessed! I adore baking, so it was just another way to bake. My birthday was just a few weeks away and I was gifted a shoebox full of clay and that's when I began making cupcakes, donuts and stacks of pancakes. I had a Live Journal (this was 2004) and began posting my creations in crafting communities and people would approach me to make them a necklace or a charm. It was pretty cool! Those were what I refer to as "the good old days" of crafting. Before Etsy and the oversaturation of.... everything! And that's how it all started. One little thing turned into a huge thing and evolved into graphic designing. This website is a bit of all of my passions. Miniature food/crafts/design together in one place. A platform for various creations and also a blog! Oh, joy! Welcome to Pie For Blackbirds!

Leslie Dallion