This & That

Well I finished the PFBB logo! I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to work the pie and blackbird together, but it finally came to me. I think it looks really nice with what I was going for. Clean and not too busy. Not too cute, but cute enough. I wanted it to be neutral. As you may remember, or maybe you don't, the Pancake Meow website and also the Pie For Blackbirds Wordpress had really super cute logos. I didn't want to piegeon hole myself since PFBB is going to have different things. It's difficult to find that balance, but the landscape is clean and fresh with hints of cute, but that doesn't flavor the entire bowl of punch.

So yes... Anyway. Aside from the website, I've been quite domestic as of late, well, I love being in the kitchen, but I suppose having a husband who has had the sniffles kicked it into high gear. I made an epic pot of borscht the other day and I do mean epic! We will be eating off of this for over a week, though I plan to freeze a lot of it. I also made a huge batch of kimchi, vegg salad and today I plan to make another epic pot of split pea soup loaded with potatoes, carrots and onions! 

This brings me to my next topic, I have been wanting to create an e-book with my favorite recipes! I am an intuitive cook and I very rarely ever follow a recipe. I think because I have veganized so many recipes over the years, it's just in my nature to either make stuff up. Probably a bit of laziness too. Who can be bothered, well, unless you're baking, you really need to follow the recipe if you bake! But yeah, I really want to create a fast and friendly book with simple and delicious everyday recipes. Especially for new vegans. No overwhelming shopping lists or expensive things that you can only find at whole foods. Who has the time and for that? I know I don't! These recipes will be for all seasons, delicious and healthy. Though, my goal isn't to write a book about health. You can get that anywhere. I don't want to follow some trend and label my book with titles and expectations. It's just an easy to follow book with vegan recipes that won't break the budget. So that's something I want to accomplish as well too. That will take a lot of time, but I am up for the challenge. 

Looks at this heavenly bowl of borscht!

Leslie Dallion