I'm Leslie and I'm a self professed Jane of many crafty trades. I have dabbled in various arts & crafts throughout my life, but am best known for my former website, Pancake Meow and my scented dessert necklaces and charms. When I moved to Athens, Ga in 2004, I was gifted a box of clay and started making miniature desserts and became obsessed with replicating things I'd see in my cookbooks. I would post my creations in several crafting communities on Live Journal and they became a hit! I wanted each charm to smell delicious, so I found a way to scent each accordingly. In 2005 the Pancake Meow Scented Dessert Charms were born! I was a HUGE fan of Strawberry Shortcake miniatures growing up in the 80's and really wanted that same unique aesthetic. I was featured in Daily Candy's everything issue in 2006 shortly after the launch of my website and have been an inspiration to many miniature food artists and crafters around the world. Aside from the charms, I also ADORE doodling up whimsical illustrations. I have designed various logos, records sleeves, t-shirts, tattoos and party supplies. Check out my design portfolio in menu!